Internal Wall Rendering Sydney

Internal cement wall rendering methods and finishes are very similar to external render finishes, the main difference being that the product – white used cannot be used outdoors.

Traditional Sand and Cement

The most common cement render finish used in Australia is the traditional sand and cement method.  With this method the render is applied using a steel trowel, straightened with a straight edge, smoothed off with a plastic or wooden float and then lightly sponged.  With internal wall rendering white set plaster finish is then applied.

White setting

Until recently the traditional method of finishing internal walls in Australia has been the white set plaster finish.  White set plaster must be applied over a straight solid back ground therefore internal brick walls be cement rendered first.  Painted surfaces can be white set as long as the paint is not flaking off and the surface is prepared properly by your renderer. The actual white set is a mixture of plaster and soaked lime and is usually mixed with an electric drill until you get a workable wet mix.  The white set is then applied on to your stable straight wall using a steel trowel and then continuously worked until the plaster is dry and you have a glass like finish.

Patching walls

When completing internal renovations patching of the internal render is usually required.  With older houses you will find that the internal walls will have been white set, this makes it easier when it comes to patching the walls.  Because of white set plasters texture and workability it makes it easy to patch into old walls and when it’s painted the patches can’t be noticed. Unfortunately with a standard sponge finish it’s not as easy to patch into old walls and sometimes after painting the patch can be noticed.

All About Render specialise in all types of internal wall rendering, including

  • Internal white set plastering
  • Interior sponge finish cement render
  • Bathrooms & Kitchens

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