External - Texture And Acrylic Rendering Sydney

To achieve that contemporary render finish to the exterior of your home, several cement rendering methods and products can be used.

Traditional Sand and Cement

The most common render finish used in Australia is the traditional sand and cement method.  With this method the render is applied using a steel trowel, straightened with a straight edge, smoothed off with a plastic or wooden float and then lightly sponged.   If required there are various texture and rough cast finishes that can be applied.  The render can also have a colour oxide added to give a coloured finish however it is recommended that the render is either painted or a texture coating applied to give it a cleaner and more durable surface.

Acrylic Rendering

There are various acrylic renders on the market which are flexible and water resistant making them ideal for external use. Acrylic render is made out of a type of plastic which gives it flexibility and makes it more resistant to cracking. Acrylic renders can also be applied over various substrates including blue board, polystyrene, masonry, brick and painted surfaces.  

Texture coating

There are several different types of texture coatings on the market. Texture coating are a thicker and more flexible substitute to painting and comes in a wide range of colours, finishes and textures. All texture coatings can go over various different surfaces including traditional cement render, acrylic render, blue board, painted surfaces, and masonry.

All types of acrylic renders and texture coatings can be applied in different styles and finishes.

Specialised acrylic render finishes such as decorative bands and corbels can be rendered around windows, doors and fences. 

All About Render specialise in all types of external cement rendering, including

  • Standard sand and cement render finish
  • Exterior house rendering
  • All acrylic rendering
  • Heritage cement rendering
  • Garden and retaining walls


All About Render offers a free consultation and quote service. Offering professional advice and industry knowledge on different acrylic rendering products and methods, thereby helping you to make the right choices for your home. Our acrylic rendering services mainly served in Sydney, North Sydney, St. Ives, Manly, Wahroonga, Frenchs Forest and more.

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