Kitchens & Bathrooms Rendering Sydney

When renovating your kitchen or bathroom it is crucial to the success of the project to have the cement render completed correctly and accurately.

The cement renderer has the responsibility of ensuring the walls are rendered perfectly straight and plumb, whilst ensuring that all the corners are square.  Providing a straight rendered surface is paramount so that the tiles and the kitchen and bathroom cabinets can be fitted properly.

The cement renderer can also render or screed bathroom floors where it is paramount that the floor is straight, while allowing for a fall towards the floor drain.  This allows for the easy application of floor tiles and reassurance that excess water on your bathroom floor with flow towards the floor drain.  Bathroom floor rendering or screeding can be completed by your cement renderer but it is most commonly completed by your tiler.

The most common render methods and products used in kitchen and bathroom renovations is the standard sand and cement render, however acrylic render can be used over certain surfaces, such as painted surfaces.

When thinking about house rendering in Sydney think all about render. All about render has had over 20 years experience house rendering in Sydney and is more than capable of looking after all your house rendering needs.

All About Render offers a free consultation and quote service.  Offering professional advice and industry knowledge on different cement rendering products and methods, helping you to make the right choices for your kitchen and bathroom project. Our rendering services mainly served in Sydney, North Sydney, St. Ives, Manly, Wahroonga, Frenchs Forest and more. Call us today for a free, no obligations consultation and quote.

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